About Nan

Nan’s passion for photography started at an early age.

She began helping her father set up photo shoots around Prescott, Arizona. Her daughter and son were subjects of many portrait sessions while they were growing up. Then she branched out to professional work.

Nan’s family moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 1991, which opened a new world of photography for her. The incredible landscapes and western heritage of Colorado have inspired many stunning images that now grace homes in Steamboat and visitors to Steamboat. Large framed landscapes have become her specialty.

Besides creating landscapes Nan explores traditional western themes for her fine art.

Nan continues capturing family memories. Her experience teaching kindergarten in Steamboat Springs has given her a skill set when working with children and families to create cherished portraits.

Nan’s framed art can be seen in Branches and cards at Lyon’s Drugs. Both stores are located on Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. You may contact Nan to order large format images for home interiors.

When not practicing her craft, Nan loves to barrel race!

Nan works on finding the beauty in everyone!

“My goal as a photographer is to evoke an emotional response.”